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After being surrendered, Joey became a foster fail only a short week after going into foster care. A successful adoption we think!

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Molly and Mr Blankie were adopted on Thursday. But this is not your typical adoption at all. Instead they left here to head out a big well planned adventure. A move all the way to Auckland!! But their new parents had thought this out very carefully and found air b&bs along the route that allow pets. With a big carrier for the car and the softest beds these two were well set. Apparently traveling really well and even had the ferry ride. Can't wait to get the updates when they settle in their new home.

Thank you Mariya Broadbent and Nathan Broadbent for adopting these sweethearts and good luck with the new home.

Thank you also to Chris Murdock and Nan Meng Marion Hody and Matt Barnes for helping to take care of these babies since they were little dots.



Popcorn and Katy - brother and sister approx 12 weeks old
These are the best kittens you could ever hope for! They’ll come running as soon as you walk in the door demanding strokes and cuddles. They are super playful but also love their (preferably on your lap ) when they will purr indefinitely!
If possible, they would love to be adopted together as Popcorn loves copying his sister (as well as using each other as pillows).



I am so happy that dear Hokey and Pokey found a home together today. Both are affectionate sweet girls that have been patiently waiting for the right home. Farm life here we come. Thank you to Chloe Hamlin for being so patient and doing such an amazing job fostering.



We are in love with our cheeky girl!! So grateful to Andrea Greengrass Balona for bringing her into our lives!



Jackson was collected by a foster and came to us all the way from Cromwell. Inevitably, he nearly became a foster fail, but found his way into a loving family of four with two kids to spoil him and give him all the attention he wants! 
Thanks to Marcela, Mel & Tiarna for fostering.



6 days into Feb and 10 kittens have gone off to their wonderful new homes already this month.
It is really heartwarming to see them all go to such perfect forever families. A lot of these guys were here with us since a few days old. They are such social, happy confident little kittens

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