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We have reliable trustees and volunteers available to keep an eye on your cat/pets while you enjoy your holiday, you will get daily pics of your fur-babies and regular updates per day. Fee to be discussed at booking. We ensure your pets are loved, you get peace of mind and in return money raised goes towards other community cats in need.

Cat and Dog


Thought we would give some insight into the process we go through once we get a cat into our care.
Once a cat is trapped or surrendered to us, it is placed in isolation with one of the more experienced fosters for assessment. Once we have a better indication of the health of the kitty and how handleable the kitty is, it is then moved to the appropriate foster home.
We set up the foster with all the equipment and food etc required for the fostering process. We work alongside these wonderful fosters to provide guidance and support, book in vet checks, vaccinations, microchipping, desexing etc. These fosters give the kittens a lot of hands on attention, love and care. Taking them to their vet visits and spoiling them rotten.
Once a kitten is ready for adoption, is deemed healthy by the vets and had vaccinations they can then be placed in the cattery to play together and be veiwed by potential pawfect families who are looking to adopt.
Some folk just need to come for a kitty fix and play time as it's a great way to relieve stress, lift spirits and even help you heal. Pet therapy has so many benefits!
We are also excited about our new outdoor extention plan. Here the kitties will be able to go outside safely in a secured area to play and hang out in the sunshine and have the feel of grass.
We are in need of a few bits and bobs to make it a kitties dream playground. So if you are handy or have materials lying around you are not needing we are looking for thick ropes, outdoor cat trees that can survive the elements, a lockable cat flap door and someone to install it. (This is roofing iron that needs to be cut through on order to do this.) Toys and tunnels or anything else creative and hard-wearing you may think could be suitable. Also looking for a spring on the door and a pool fence type latch.
Please get in touch if you either have these materials or skills you are willing to donate.
Many thanks for all the support and feel free to pm or email us at if you have any questions.



QT Community CATs is a Registered charity headed by a group of long term local experienced individuals in Queenstown, who care very much for their community and their environment, and also have the experience and knowledge to run a successful and sustainable cat rescue charity. In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis many businesses dependent on tourism have folded creating a further crisis of additional abandoned cats in our area. A year out from the Covid fall out The Wakatipu region is still adjusting to the crisis and the need for help is still increasing, not only for the cats but for the people who have suffered with stress related to these enduring times. To help the community with their wellbeing we have been placing cats within homes as therapy pets and the feedback has been extremely positive thus far.
Cats are beneficial to us from a mental and physical health perspective. Due to the cat’s ability to calm us, lower our stress levels, and offer companionship, they are great therapy animals for a wide variety of cases as well as patients. While a cat isn’t a substitution for medication or therapy, they have been known to lessen the reliance on medication, there’s no denying the subtle positive effect on mental health.


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Volunteer Group
Petting a White Cat


Do you need help with your cat? Our goal is to ensure all cat owners are able to live comfortably with their feline companion. If you are struggling with making vet appointments, or are in need of food, please get in touch!

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the mental wellbeing kitty

Snots is our resident therapy cat. He was a little baby when he came to us and had terrible nasal issues (yep that's how he got his name! ) He and his siblings were fostered by our super foster Elena Mesonero (who I miss like crazy) and her flatmates. Multiple vet visits and we still couldn't get his poor nose cleared up properly. So he was flown to Christchurch for specialized scans so we could figure out what was going on. As it turns out it's a deformity in the shape of his nasal passage. So something he has to live with forever. But there are meds he takes when it gets bad to help clear it up.

This has not gotten him down in any way! This young fella is the guy who will always come up to welcome you when you come round. He has the ability to sense your needs and act accordingly. If you need a smile he knows it and will do something daft to make you laugh. When you need a quiet gentle companion he will be by your side. When you need affection he is in your face for kisses. Somehow he just knows exactly what is needed.

Not only is he great with all humans but he is also the one to welcome the furry newcomers. He is a caretaker by nature and will calmly make all the other kitties feel at home. He adores the kittens and spends most of his time with them. Watching they are safe. Grooming them and teaching them to play.

It doesn't stop with kittens tho. He rescued a duckling too and helped care for it.

He is one of the most special souls on this planet. He has a job to do. Make every living being feel safe and loved. This is the purpose he chose and he is just purrfect.

Love this guy and have so much respect for him. He is teaching me so much too.

#qtcatsbabies #qtcats #qtcatssnots

Our long term foster boy Snots
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