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Birdsafe collars are bright and designed to stand out around your cats neck, fitting around your cats collar easily.However, after a study with our master bird catcher Parker, it is proven that white stands out to birds more than colour, therefore we now sell a two sided material, front side white and back side colourful. Note- no birds were harmed during this two week study! :)

They can be easily removed and washable. Soft material to comfortably fit your cat.

Please note, colours are subject to change depending on the material available at the time of the order


    Cat detterent collars, which is the colourful material designed to fit around your cats collar, are a wonderful way to catch the birds eye before your kitty has time to sneak up on it.

    We love our native wildlife just as much as we love cats, so we do everything we can to ensure our cats and birds live in peace with each other.

    These birdsafe collars are uniquely handmade by a very generous and caring local supporter, Humie Itchkawa.


    Currently collection in Queenstown only. If we find more demand for our products we will consider shipping.

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